Thursday, June 18, 2015

Getting Ready To Be a Challenge A Parent

Next year will be a hugely different year for my Luke.  He is making the leap to Classical Conversations Challenge A program.  I am really looking forward to seeing how much he grows in maturity, stature, and wisdom by this time next year.

For as much as we've been involved with CC's Challenge program (I've had a B and I student; I tutored II and will tutor III in the fall), we have never done A, and I am so looking forward to walking Luke through this process.

Here are some of the things that I am planning on doing with/ for Luke to help our Challenge A experience:

1. Reading aloud all the literature books
I want to make sure that Luke has heard the story at least once before he is responsible for working on a writing assignment with The Lost Tools of Writing.  On our upcoming road trips, not only do I have a couple fun books to listen to (we loved listening to the first book in the Mysterious Benedict Society a few years ago), but we will also listen to The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and The Magician's Nephew with audiobook.  Still to read are: The Door in the Wall, A Gathering of Days, The Bronze Bow, and Crispin.

2. Organize Latin
I admit that this is the seminar that I'm most nervous for Luke to participate in.  Spelling is his hardest grammar level subject, however he did fabulous in Essentials Englishs grammar.  I am planning on watching this great video:  Setting Up A Latin Notebook (you will need to have a facebook account to see this, I think) as well as using Magistra Jones' worksheets for the Henle I exercises.  I think that, initially, it will be a good help for Luke to have the worksheets to fill out to help manage ALL the writing he has to do.

I'll also be watching the Organize Your Notebooks for Challenge A youtube video and gleaning help from there.

3. Freshen Up Typing
Luke has worked this spring on becoming a more fluid typer, but I know that he can get faster, so I am completely willing to bribe him with an iTunes gift card to get up to 25 or 30 wpm.  We have Typing Instructor for Kids loaded on a laptop for him to use.

4. Begin our transition to Saxon Math.
We have been avid Math U See users for years.  I love it.  No "buts."  Well, except that Luke is asking to use Saxon for Challenge A.  He is looking forward to a little more variety in his daily lessons -- more spiral than mastery on a lesson-by-lesson basis.  A community friend has allowed us to borrow Saxon 7/6 for the summer to get a feel for it, and to help Luke to freshen up his skills for the fall.  Although he has not completed some of the later elementary skill level books in MUS (specifically decimals and percent), I think that there is enough review of the concepts in Saxon that he will be able to transition successfully.

And, honestly, that is it.  I do not want to burn out Luke this summer.  We are used to trying to do math during the summer [notice the phrase "trying to do".....] and read alouds are common here.  But otherwise, let the boys [and their mama] have fun this summer.

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