Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Landry Computer Repair Intensive

Ben and I spent two long-awaited days at a Landry Academy two-day intensive a week-ish ago. These are still fairly new in our state, but I'm so glad they are here!

Ben is very interested in computers so it did not take much convincing to get him here.

This was not a linear taught course, but instead was set up in modules for the student to complete. After a general opening in which the instructor went over some terms and the course syllabus, the 7 students worked through six modules the first day and six the second day.  There was a bit of lecturing, but for the most part it was hands-on. Some of the things Ben learned:

  1. disassembling a desktop and then putting it back together (we've actually done a lot of disassembling of computers, but practicing the labeling of parts, keeping track of screws, and tracking connections was a great task);
  2. Changing the screen and learning some common problems that can be fixed on a screen with illumination problems.
  3. Changing the keyboard
  4. Taking out the hard-drive and testing it on another computer
  5. Networking issues
  6. basic back-ups and recovery discs
There was obviously more that I'm forgetting!

{You might want to know why I was at the intensive. The intensive are drop-off programs, however our state mom needed a substitute hostess, so I attended and helped with set up, lunches, etc. however, had not been the hostess, I would have felt 100% comfortable leaving Ben for the day.}

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