Thursday, July 16, 2015

{Classical Conversations Challenge 3} Preparing for Next Year!

What does a homeschool mom in New England do during the summer?

1.  Go to the beach
2.  Work on her gardens
3.  Prepare for the next year!

Next year, I'll be moving up with my Classical Conversations Challenge II students and Ben (who completed Challenge I for his sophomore year) to Challenge III.  We will all be learners together as I jump into American History (which I love), Shakespeare and Poetry (which I like), Philosophy & Advanced Logic (which I am looking forward to), and Chemistry (which I'm a little fearful of)*.

Today, I really needed to organize all the Chemistry lab supplies.

I purchased this Large Grab and Go Rack system at JoAnn's.  It perfectly fits everything I needed from the 2 lab supply kits and a MicroChem kit.

I also purchased a piece of foam (like for a cushion) to use to protect the glass supplies, but it did not work well.  However, the stiffer foam from the box in which my most recent computer came in was perfect:

The three boxes are filled with additional supplies:

These are the chemical bottles from the MicroChem kit:

I am extremely pleased with how this all turned out.  There are still supplies I'll need to carry in, but to know that all the glass is safe and that I cannot forget anything is a huge relief!

*CC Challenge families will probably wonder, "what happened to math and Latin?"  Based on the needs of the community and students and their families, no one is registering for Latin or math this year.  This is something that was approved by my SM and AM.  If you have questions about the Challenge programs in your area, you must really talk with your SM

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